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Chandlee Jewelers is your diamond ring location. We have an extensive collection of diamonds. Whether you are looking for loose diamonds or the finest diamond rings, we have something for you.

There are many ways to make a diamond appear bigger. A diamonds setting, cut and shape all influence the apparent size. Here are two approaches to help select a diamond that will look much larger than its true carat weight.

1. Consider an Illusion Setting
Diamonds set in a mirror like plate before being placed in the band will seem to have a greater brilliance. They will also appear much larger than a traditional setting. The illusion setting is much more difficult to repair if that is ever needed.

2. Select a Bezel Set Diamond
A bezel set ring will give a center diamond a larger appearance when made of white gold or platinum. A bezel setting is where a ring surrounds the rim of the ring. Be aware that a yellow gold bezel will give the diamond a yellowish tint.

Chandlee Jewelers continue to add to our selection of diamonds and other gemstones through our connections with the best stone cutters in the world.