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Donnys Diamond Gallery is the number one destination for diamond engagement rings. We specializes in an exquisite array of large loose diamonds, fancy color diamonds, precious gemstones, pearl jewelry, antique style mountings, and watches. In addition, we carry the finest in platinum, palladium, 18 karat and 14 karat gold, Italian crafted silver, tungsten, and titanium jewelry. Donny s Diamond Gallery can help with all your diamond needs.

Diamond jeweler needs more than just a certified diamond. You should know a few of the details that help rate diamonds before you look a certificate to help you read the report. You need to know the 4 Cs. Also, get a certificate from a reliable laboratory such as Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Certain laboratories may even provide a value of the diamond. Be sure to know that this is just an estimated, which tends to inflate value. So if you want to insure your diamond, you must get it appraised to know the true or market value.

When looking for diamond earrings, you should always start with just a diamond. The bulk of a diamond ring comes from the diamond itself, and you will be wiser to buy a stone separate. By buying a complete diamond ring you won’t know the breakdown of the cost and the jeweler can set an arbitrary price.  Also, you can examine the diamond in its entirety as the setting would hide part of the diamond and perhaps its flaws. Also, a diamond ring may come with a setting you may not like. You purchase the setting when you find the perfect loose diamond.