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When looking for a diamond, look no further than Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry and watches. There is a reason in the last three decades we have morphed from a small one person jewelry and art gallery into one of the leading Custom design Jewelers in the industry. That reason is Susan Eisen; her awards are many including Woman Retail of the Year from the Womens Jewelry Association, top 31 jewelers named, Americas Best Jewelers, by National Jeweler Magazine, and Best of the Best Jeweler in El Paso for multiple years. Drop in to see why Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry and Watches is your one stop diamond location today. 

Diamond Jewelry brings thoughts of radiant fire, refracting the rainbow in your eye. This sparkle is why people throughout history have used diamonds to represent the specific moments of their lives. We love the dazzling beauty of a diamond ring

The Four Cs

Most people have some basic knowledge of the primary characteristics of loose diamonds: Carat weight, Color, Clarity and Cut. We can all thank De Beers, the South African company that controls the worlds diamond supply, for promoting these aspect for the last sixty years. 

Not only do these characteristics illustrate quality, the Four Cs establish worth. The bigger the loose diamond is, and better color, clarity as well as cut, the greater the value. 

Carat – is the measurement of a diamond’s weight. A carat is 200 milligrams. Carats are also divided into points. One carat will equal 100 points. Therefore, a half carat might be referred to as a 50-point stone. Larger diamonds are rare and more valuable, so a 1-carat diamond is worth more than two ½-carat diamonds.

Clarity Inclusions” occur naturally in diamonds. They can be in different shapes and forms. The number and location of such inclusions judge the clarity of a diamond.   When grading for clarity, the grader uses magnification and special lighting to evaluate the size, location, number, and color of all inclusions and blemishes.  Though inclusions and blemishes will seldom affect a stone’s beauty, they do affect its price.

Color – Diamonds are judged by their color. Diamonds can be any color, yet most have a white tint. Colorless diamonds are rare, and thus more valuable. However, depending on the mount, you may what a cooler or warmer tint to match your metal. Thus, color quality is critical to both beauty and value.

Cut – The cut, also known as the make, is the single aspect that we can manipulate. It affects the value of the diamond the most. The sparkle you see in a diamond derives from the cut because the cut makes the facets on the surface. These windows allow the light in the diamond refracting it within and reflecting it off the surface. This light then makes the diamond have fire and brilliance. There are various type of cuts that will make the diamond different. This is one instance when you will need to see the diamond to make your selection.          

Susan Eisen continues to be the heart of the company. She has still focuses on offering clients a dedication to artisanship that highlights her exceptional style and centers on fulfilling your jewelry needs with a piece that you can forever treasure. She has refocused on her art roots by restoring her art gallery in 2008. And by retracing her roots, she has restored herself as an artist in the intricate business of gold and diamonds.