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Ells Jewelry continues to grow with our community to become a leading diamond retailer. We have kept our small town feel and have focused on keeping our customers first. We fused our personalized service with our state of the art designs. We continue to be your diamond jewelry location by keeping our legacy of integrity and trust first.

Loose Diamonds vary from shape and size as well as color. Diamonds are as diverse as the colors of the rainbow, from crystal clear to black ink. The most common color for diamonds is a varying degree of yellowish brown. The slight difference of this color can mean a substantial difference in value, though. The truly colorless diamonds are the rarest and most valuable. The reason for this is that the light is able to pass through the stone easily and create the most sparkle.

When the diamond is being created from carbon, chemicals may mix with the carbon to add a tinge of color to the transparent stone. This can come in various shades of white, it can also end up with true color. These colored diamonds are referred to as Fancy Diamonds.

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