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Come see Hupp Jewelers to find a perfectly stunning certified diamonds in a relaxed shopping experience. We have a lovely selection of loose diamonds as well as diamond jewelry. We have the experience and value the customer. Hupp Jewelers is your diamond destination.

It is be difficult to judge loose diamonds. Therefore, a system to judge diamonds has been created—the 4 Cs. All of the four aspects to a diamond are important. However, some people value different aspects. Knowing the Cut and Color is an important step in finding the perfect diamond for you.

Cut is the only aspect that is not natural to a diamond. All the other Cs are natural occurring. Cut is also what makes a diamond sparkle and shine. Diamonds cut with Ideal proportions with the best polish & symmetry are the worlds most beautiful, and the rarest even if a diamond is flawless & colorless but with a poor cut it will have dulled brilliance. The cut of a diamond will affect the price by a third, making cut the most important aspect.

The color refers to the amount or lack of color in a diamond. Most all diamonds have a slight tint of yellow to them, the rarest have no color & are the most expensive, and to see the color you need to compare the diamonds side by side by side by side against a white background. Just a slight difference of color can affect the price of a diamond.

Come in to see the attention we give our customers while you search for the perfect diamond engagement ring.