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When looking for diamonds, you can find everything you want at JewelSmiths. Because jewelry is a reflection of your unique style, taste and personality, it makes perfect sense to create your own. Our expert designers here at JewelSmiths can work with virtually any idea to create breathtaking, artistic, beautiful pieces that set you apart from any custom designer collection. Come by today to see the difference working with certified diamonds.

The quite elegance give chic a new vision with a princess cut diamond. The 76 facets and uncut corners of this diamond are usually mounted in a four-pronged setting. Here are some information your might need to know in purchasing that precious princess cut diamond ring:

1. The princess cut is a type of loose diamonds, the fancy cuts. Knowing this will give you the decision between the other fancy cuts to price what is perfect for you.

2. When selecting a setting, the bezel setting is perfect for it is the most ideal among princess cut diamond. Most jewelers suggest this setting because it makes the stone look larger than its actual size on the ring. Perception is a major part of the appearance of a diamond.

3. Select the colors carefully in the mount because it can greatly affect the color of the stone or certified diamond on the ring. The basic rule is match the color of your setting with the color of the stone or diamond on your ring. This will keep the diamond ring appealing.

If you have chosen a yellow gold in a bezel setting, choose yellowish diamond; if you choose white diamond, consider using white gold or a platinum setting to highlight the color and clarity of your stone. Princess cut diamond engagement rings come in platinum, white gold and yellow gold.

4. Look at many diamonds in different places. Although popular jewelry stores are the best and most reliable sources of princess cut diamond engagement rings, try looking around—it can be in less popular jewelry stores or online jewelers—because they can provide you with a product that suits your personal taste, preference and budget well.

5. Make sure you have your loose diamond evaluated by a certified and trusted gemologist to validate its grade and quality.

Stop by to see our collection of certified diamonds today at JewelSmiths.