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When looking for a local jewelry store, your search will end with Brundage Jewelers. We will meet your expectations with our stunning collection of engagement rings, diamond jewelry and gold rings. Our experience staff will help you find the jewelry of your dreams. Come in today to see one of the leading jewelry stores in Louisville.

Caring for your Gemstones

Opals can be soaked for a short time in cool water. Make sure you dry completely with a soft cloth. Never use extreme heat, hot water, steamers or ultrasonic cleaners.

The Pearl World
Only use a damp cloth to wipe your pearls clean and dry with a soft cloth. Avoid using extreme heat, hot water, steamers and ultrasonic cleaners. Do not soak pearls in water.

Turquoise follows the same cleaning techniques as many above. Use a damp cloth to clean and a soft cloth to dry. Never soak, use chemicals, steamers or ultrasonic cleaners.

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