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Donnys Diamond Gallery
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Donnys Diamond Gallery is your retail jewelry store destination. We will help you
with any of your jewelry needs. You can see our impressive collection of jewelry that
includes gold and platinum jewelry. Stop by today to have your jewelry needs fulfilled.

Here at Donnys Diamond Gallery, we care about your purchase as much as you do.
Our skilled staff has arranged this easy to follow guide.

Caring for your Gemstones

Despite the durability of emeralds, they can still be damaged as with all hard
gemstones. You need to avoid extreme heat (whether it is hot water, steamers or
ultrasonic cleaners as well as being stored near heaters, in your car). Never
expose these stones to harsh cleaning solutions, so only use cold water and a
gentle brush to clean.

Clean your turquoise like pearls, with a damp cloth drying completely with a
soft cloth. Avoid hot water, soaking, chemicals, steamers or ultrasonic cleansers.

Fashion Jewelry
Fashion jewelry is like Marcasite, created with jeweler cement. Use a damp
cloth to clean and dry with a soft, clean cloth. Never use any jewelry cleaners
or emerge in water.

Come by and see how Donnys Diamond Jewelry can be your local jewelry store.