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Looking for a jeweler store you can trust? Look no further than Jewelers of Maitland your one stop destination. No matter your needs, we can help you with everything from massive collection of certified diamonds, pearls and rare gemstones to custom making jewelry. Stop by to see why we are a trusted local jewelry store today!

How to Shop for Quality

Jewelry like everything is not created equal. On the high end, you will have a work of art; one that will last a lifetime and will become a family heirloom. On the other hand, lesser quality knock offs will have less intrinsic value. These pieces can cost you more money when it becomes damaged by losing a stone or from being lost in your jewelry box. One aspect that separates us from other jewelry stores is our desire for you to end up with a great piece of jewelry.

Step 1 Consider the craftwork. The quality of the work going into a piece will have a large impact on the overall value of the piece. Some signs will include

  • well matched gemstones (size, shape, appearance and quality)
  • secure settings, uniform precious metal without any damage (scratches, pitting or other imperfections)
  • strong looking prongs
  • clasps work easily
  • a safety catch for added security

Step 2 Look for quality marks and trademarks. Make sure the jewelry you buy has a quality mark indicating the amount of gold in your jewelry, such as 18k or Plat/Pt (for platinum content. Sterling Silver will be 92.5 percent silver, so you will have a mark of 925. These markings will help you know you have what you purchased.

Step 3 Get a grading report. Make sure you have the primary value of the diamond. Be certain that you leave with an independent, third party diamond laboratory such as GIA or AGS. This will give you an unbiased assessment of your diamond(s).

Step 4 Only purchase from a reputable jewelers. Buying jewelry from someone you trust will help to guarantee you have what you think you should have.

See how the Jewelers of Maitland understands the difference you require when shopping for the perfect piece of jewelry. We are a retail store that knows the importance of good customer service.