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Fremeau Jewelers ,with over a hundred and twenty five years experience, has a master jeweler that can help you find the engagement ring you and your loved one is looking for. Not only do we have professional jewelers that can help you with all your jewelry needs, we also carry a large selection of diamond and gemstone rings.  Come in today to see our diamond engagement rings.

Engagement rings customarily suggest that the person wearing it is in love with and dedicated to the one who offered the ring or in other words ‘taken’. Engagement rings date back to the earliest Egyptians who thought that it should be worn on the ring finger, where it is still worn today. This is because through that finger runs a vein that flows the blood straight to the heart while the Romans used to make the engagement ring out of steel to symbolize strength and eternity.

Diamonds are the most durable of the gemstones and that is why they are marked as lasting for eternity and they are also known as the girl’s best friend. What made them the formal engagement ring gemstone not a soul really knows. The fact remains that diamond encourages purity and eternity through its translucent sparkle and might, which provides more then enough reason to tie it to the bond of love and commitment that is the essence of any couple that are getting engaged.

Before purchasing any unique diamond jewelry, especially an engagement ring there are a few characteristics about diamonds that will help you make the right choice if you are aware of them at the time of purchase. Diamonds are graded by color, clarity, cut and carat also known as the four C’s; the price of the diamond will be calculated according to these four characteristics.

Captivating and lustrous, diamond jewelry is a stunning statement of eminence. Prized as works of art, Diamonds are hand chosen for unique attributes of cut and color, revealing qualities of light and life.

Stop by Fremeaus,, and our professional jewelers will help you find that diamond ring that identifies only you. You simply can’t go wrong with a diamond jewelry gift this holiday season. We are located at 78   Church Street, Burlington VT 05401, 802-658-0333. Check out our video.

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