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A loose diamond is an odd thing to search. It seems that most mass box store only have interest in selling over priced diamond jewelry; whereas, we here at The Gem Collection will give you choice to selection your own certified diamonds. You will be able to choose your diamond and your own diamond jewelry whether it is diamond rings, diamond earrings or even diamond engagement rings. You will have the freedom you desire when looking for diamonds, so come on in today to find the perfect certified diamond in our diamond studio at The Gem Collection.

Diamond engagement rings are difficult to decide on because they invoke such emotion that it is difficult to cut away at sentimental feeling to find the perfect diamond in your price range. Some of the mysteries of pricing diamonds come from the uncertainty of a diamond’s value. It always starts with the cut because out of all factors of a diamond whether it is the color, clarity or carat weight, the cut is added and will give the diamond its lustrous beauty or not; furthermore, the placements of the facets determine if the diamond will burn with a brilliant fire. If the clarity and color are the same quality, the cut will be the deciding factor along with the carat weight for the diamond.

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