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Donnys Diamond Gallery has a wonderful collection of diamond jewelry. We specializes in an exquisite array of large loose diamonds, fancy color diamonds, precious gemstones, pearl jewelry, antique style mountings, and watches. In addition, we carry the finest in platinum, palladium, 18 karat and 14 karat gold, Italian crafted silver, tungsten, and titanium jewelry. Come in to Donny s Diamond Gallery for all your jewelry needs.

Diamond jewelry must be inspected to see if it has been treated. Clarity in the diamond may be improved by filling up the cracks with molten glass. Laser can be used to burn a hole in the diamond to reach black blemishes. The color of a diamond may be also be improved or changed by high pressure-high temperature annealing and irradiation respectively. Ask the jeweler if the diamond has been treated. If it is not, then request for a certification of this fact. If you are on a budget and intent to buy treated diamonds, find out whether the jeweler provide any warrantee for the treated diamond. If so, you can create a beautiful diamond earring that would normally exceed your budget.

Do not consider diamond earrings by the weight of the diamond. You should consider other aspects as well. Which do you think is better, a bigger but poorer quality diamond or a smaller but better quality diamond? A lighter stone with a better cut is worth more than a heavier but undercut stone. A diamond may weigh heavier because it may be cut to maximize its weight and size but it is not cut to its ideal proportion that would bring out its fire and brilliance.

Furthermore, facets in your diamond do not mean a higher value as well. Today, you can find diamonds with over 70 facets being promoted as being better than 57 facet diamonds, but this is not true. It is the diamond cut which is the most important not the number of facets. The diamond facets must be cut with proportion and perfect symmetry. The diamond must be cut in such a way that light is refracted out through the top of the table which gives it the sparkle and brilliance and not through the pavilion and bottom. Many diamond shapes have fewer facets than the brilliant round diamond yet are as beautiful as the round diamond such as emerald and princess cut diamond.

To find the perfect, unique diamond engagement ring, stop by our wonderful studio located at 2500 Memorial Parkway SW Huntsville, Alabama.