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Enhancery Jewelers is the leading destination for all your gold jewelry needs in San   Diego. No matter if you are still searching for the perfect diamond engagement ring or you want to personalize jewelry by creating handmade jewelry, we are a destination you can trust as well as peruse our stunning selection jewelry at your pace because of our relaxed atmosphere. Come in today to see our wonderful collection of jewelry.

Buying diamonds and gold jewelry can be an intimidating situation. There seems to be much secrecy in the pricing and evaluating of jewelry; however, that is not the case at Enhancery Jewelers. We will reveal what is behind the curtain, so you can know the true worth of your diamond jewelry.

In a general sense, nature causes some items to be rare, and this rarity establishes the value. Here at Enhancery Jewelers, we will teach you the four simple ways to judge the value of a diamond. The four Cs will give you know how to look for the value of a diamond by these elements in your diamonds; you will understand the price that is given. You should also then know if it overpriced or not. You should remember that cut and carat weight determine most of the value of a diamond. You can also find some chemically treated diamonds that will have a lessened value but make up for it with beautiful color and clarity. Remember that cut is what gives the diamond the brilliance and fire.

Come in today to find the perfect Christmas gift at Enhancery Jewelers: http://www.enhancery.com , 4242 Camino Del Rio N. #17, San Diego, CA, 92108, 619-282-3900 is your custom jewelry destination.  Watch this video

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