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For a quarter century, we, here at WilliamsDiamondCenter, offer the best custom jewelry and we have fantastic services. Our goal is that every shopper purchases the very same item they would choose if they worked in the jewelry business. We make sure that every customer is given all the information they need to make an informed decision.

Like true love, a diamond is breathtaking and instantly recognizable. It represents your passion and commitment to giving your eternal heart to the one you love. A diamond is extraordinarily rare and one of a kind, just like the precious bond you share with your beloved. Your relationship is unique and deserving of an exceptional diamond. Experience true passion and perfection together.

The Cut quality of a diamond is determined by three attributes. These are brilliance (total light reflected), fire (dispersion of light) and scintillation (flashes of lights or sparkles when moved).

The carat of a diamond refers to how much it actually weighs. Diamonds and other valuable gemstones have their weight determined by measuring and weighing them in metric carats. One carat is specifically equal to 0.2 grams, which is roughly the same weight as a traditional paperclip.

The color of a Diamond refers to what you can not see within them. Diamonds are valued by how colorless they are. The less color they have, the higher their market value. The only exception to this is when Diamonds are classified as fancy colored such as yellow, pink and blues.

Because diamonds are often found within the earth, and experience extreme heat and pressure, they will often contain birthmarks. These can be either internally or externally. The clarity of a diamond refers to the complete absence of these blemishes and inclusions.

These four Cs make up the quality and price of a diamond. While some of the Cs may be hard to see or notice through an untrained eye, it is important to note that the real true quality values of a diamond lie deep within, and often can not be seen by the human eye.

Diamond rings, earrings and pendants are the hot gift categories this year, with a range of new designs that mix different sizes and shapes of stones. Visit Williams Diamond Center, http://williamsdiamondcenter.com/Fashion.htm, and you may well be amazed to find a reasonably priced diamond rings. Visit us at 1823 Adams St., Mankato, Minnesota, 56001, Ph (507) 387-5000. This video is great.

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