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The Gem Collection
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Tallahassee, FL 32309

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The Gem Collection is your estate jewelry destination. We amassed a selection of gemstones that cannot be beat. Come today to see why we have become Tallahassee’s Victorian jewelry jeweler.

We love heirloom diamonds because they are the focus of the Art Deco period. Not only is there great history with these diamonds, but the jewelry has such a fashionable look. Rubies, sapphires, black onyx, emeralds, coral, ivory, jade, coral, mother-of-pearl and quartz crystal were often used as linear accents with the diamonds or alone. Lapidaries were producing a wide assortment of geometric gem cuts including baguettes, emerald-cuts, triangles and shields. Gems were usually channel-set or bead-set in Art Deco jewelry. Nothing takes the center stage like vintage diamonds in any piece of jewelry.