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Finding a knowledgeable retail jeweler in Athens GA should be the focus to your search for a jewelry store, and here at Chandlee Jewelers, you will find that our expert master jewelers can help you throughout your jewelry search. It does not matter what you are in the market for whether it is custom jewelry work or an appraisal of your existing jewelry collection, we house the expert jewelry designer in Athens GA you need. Our skilled repair jeweler will give you an honest opinion of your jewelry here at a place you can trust. Our gifted premier jeweler in Athens GA has the knowledge and expertise to create stunning handmade jewelry that will surely satisfy. Come in today to visit with a truly knowledgeable retail jeweler, we can assist with all your jewelry needs here at Chandlee Jewelers.

Our professional jewelers can appraise your existing jewelry collection as well as help you understand the value of the jewelry you wish to purchase. Understanding the value is an important aspect of investing in jewelry because no matter your reason for the purchase you are investing your money in that piece. Therefore, it does matter that you are getting the best possible value for your purchase. Some may doubt that a jewelry store will give them the true value of their piece that they are purchasing, but here at Chandlee Jewelers in Athens GA, our jewelry appraiser and gemologists will teach you some ways to gage the value of your jewelry.

For instance, our expert gemologists will demonstrate the way in which diamonds are valued. They will show you how to view the Cut, Color, Carat weight and Clarity, so you will end up with the best possible diamond in your price range. This short tutorial will not only give you an appraisal immediately, but it will also give you a sense of understanding, which will allow you to comprehend and apply the metrics used to value jewelry.

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