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Michaels Jewelry Centeris your destination to find gold jewelry in a perfect environment. We will give you the ability to view jewelry for any reason whether it is to mark a significant life occasion or just because. We carry a broad array of fine jewelry.

To have colored gold in your gold jewelry, the gold is mixed with silver and copper to achieve different colors of gold such as a yellow, red, and even green! In yellow gold the copper and silver is mixed in equal parts.  When the copper is increased and the silver is decreased you have red gold, sometimes called rose gold.  For green gold the silver is increased and the copper is decreased.

A white gold fine jewelry is made the same way a yellow gold ring is made, but the alloys combined with the pure gold give the finished metal combination a white hue. Any number of gold/alloy combinations can be used to make gold appear white. After the new white colored gold ring is created, the finished ring is plated with a precious metal metal called rhodium. The rhodium finish gives the ring a bright luster that is impossible to produce when creating white gold alloy combinations.

Fine jewelry is a beautiful addition to any wardrobe for men and women, adults and children alike. Gold can bring out glowing skin tones and accentuate your clothing choices.

When buying gold earrings, think about how you’ll wear the piece. Items you’ll wear everyday, such as wedding bands, should be made of the purest gold.  For pieces that you’ll wear forever, always choose the best quality gold jewelry that your budget will allow. With a little bit of care, your gold rings will last you a lifetime.

Visit us to see our collection fine jewelryhere at our studio:572  Miamisburg Centerville Rd.,Dayton,Ohio45459.