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Satow Goldsmiths is your fine jewelry destination. We carry an extensive array of jewelry from platinum to gold and everything in between. We have all the latest designs to help keep you in vogue. Come by today to see the stunning collection of diamond jewelry at Satow Goldsmiths.

It is our hope that you will purchase one of our exquisite pieces of jewelry, but if not, we still want you to take some precautions to let your jewelry stay spectacular for generations. Our jewelers here will always inspect your rings, but in the meantime, follow these easy steps to preserve the life of your jewelry.

Store your jewelry separately. Otherwise, your jewelry will be scratched.

  • Avoid harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures as well as sunlight.
  • Remove your jewelry to save it from any direct blows that could damage your stones or precious metal. Some times to remove your rings include:
    • Doing household tasks such as cleaning, gardening or yard work.
    • Washing your hands.
    • Applying any makeup or hairspray.
  • Never keep bead necklaces such as lapis or pearls in plastic bags. Also, make sure to lay your beaded jewelry flat since silk stretches over time.

Drop by to see the exquisite collection of fine jewelry at Satow Goldsmiths today.