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Fremeau Jewelers has the bridal bands you are looking for because each couple has a unique way to value their relationship. Moreover, more often than not, they want to express their uniqueness in every way they could before and during marriage. Like getting engagement ring for example, they want to have a symbol of the extraordinary special love they have for one another. Fremeau Jewelers will show you the difference a hundred and sixty years experience can give when shopping for wedding rings.

If you want simple bridal jewelry with a bezel or prong settings for your wedding ring, you can always choose a colorful gemstone rather than a diamond. It could be your favorite color or your birthstone, or even a stone signifying your wedding month. You also can choose a unique shape to the gemstone rather then a round stone.  You can choose from a princess, or oval cut, or unique like a pear cut, marquise cut, or Assher cut.

Semi-precious stones, for your engagement ring are cheaper than diamonds but they are both elegant and dazzling. Nevertheless, even if you choose a gemstone, do not forget to check the quality of the stone.

Another option if you want to have a unique engagement ring is to have an antique wedding ring.  You can be sure that what you have is unique and have a high quality because it stood the test of time. There are beautiful engagement ring styles from different periods including the Victorian, Edwardian, or Art Deco eras. If you choose this type of engagement ring, checks for cracks and scrapes that the long years may have brought them.

Finding the perfect bridal jewelry is far more difficult but the effort is well worth it. Visit Fremeau Jewelers and you may well be surprised at how affordable a unique wedding ring is.