Fremeau Jewelers Burlington VT 05401 Handmade Jewelry

The best place for Christmas gifts is Fremeau Jewelers because the best Christmas gifts are jewelry. Whether it is gold jewelry or that perfect diamond engagement ring, Fremeau jewelers focuses on you and your needs.  Therefore, you can peruse knowing that you will have a relaxing shopping experience. We are up front with our process, and we will even explain what makes our jewelry better than other so-called leading jewelry stores. We take the mystery out of jewelry shopping with the trust have knowing that you are getting quality jewelry for  competitive prices. Stop in today to see how Fremeau Jewelers can help you find the perfect Christmas Gift.

Continuing a tradition of quality for over the last 160, we can give you the best choice when it comes to selecting gold jewelry that you will be happy. Whether it is something from our stunning selection of gold jewelry from all  over the world or you want to begin your own handmade jewelry, we are the best option when buying jewelry.

One reason to decide on handmade jewelry is because the options available. You can create whatever you desire, unlike the limited choices of mass produced jewelry from other stores. You can take existing jewelry from unworn jewelry or an outdated heirloom and make it into the a new exciting piece. Handmade jewelry is the perfect Christmas gift because you personalize each piece.

Stop in today to see what it is like to shop at a jewelry store you can trust here at Fremeaus,, where we can help you discover the perfect holiday gift. Our location is 78 Church Street, Burlington  VT 05401, 802-658-0333. Check out our video.