Fremeau Jewelers Diamonds Burlington VT 05401

When looking for gold jewelry or even a beautiful diamond engagement ring, you should shop in a jewelry store that you can trust to give you a peaceful shopping experience without the pressure and secrecy many jewelry stores thrive. Here at Fremeau Jewelers, we understand the pressure of trying to find the perfect Christmas gift.

It is hard enough trying to find the best diamond you can afford without the added decisions that gold jewelry will give to your diamond shopping experience. Come in today to see how jewelry shopping should be at Fremeau Jewelers.

Dating back to 1840, we offer jewelry that you can trust to be the best quality and competitively priced. We not only have an extensive selection of jewelry, but we also will help you create some handmade jewelry. This custom jewelry will have the personalized touch that gives all gifts sentimentality. It also allows for you to alter family heirlooms to keep them contemporary while avoiding sacrificing the history the jewelry brings. Drop by to see the most trusted jeweler in Vermont.

Visit Fremeaus,, and we will help you find the perfect Christmas gift for the holiday season. We are located at 78 Church Street, Burlington VT 05401, 802-658-0333. Check out our video.

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