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Fremeau Jewelers, not only do we offer a vast collection of loose diamonds that will become beautiful jewelry, we offer the experience to ease you through your Fremeau experience.

Carat – The weight of a diamond is measured in carats, which equals one fifth of a gram. The term carat came from the carob seed, which was used in the ancient days as a measure on the balance scales as the seed was relatively constant in weight. Carat is not a measure of a diamond’s size, but rather a measure of a diamond’s weight. One carat can also be divided in 100 points. So a one-carat diamond is 100 points, because larger diamondsare found less frequently in nature, they are more valuable. Therefore, a 1-carat diamond will cost more than twice a 1/2-carat diamond, assuming other characteristics are similar. In terms of value keep in mind that size is meaningless unless you take into account how the certified diamond is cut.

Cut – How a diamond is cut determines the beauty of the diamond ring. Diamonds can either be cut to give them the most sparkle and beauty, or they can be cut to save the most weight from the rough diamond crystal. Diamonds cut with Ideal proportions with the best polish & symmetry are the worlds most beautiful, and the rarest even if a diamond is flawless & colorless but with a poor cut it will have dulled brilliance. The cut can affect the value of diamond earrings by up to 35%! Click Here