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Fremeau Jewelers
78 Church Street
Burlington VT 05401


Fremeau Jewelers is your fine jewelry destination. Our master jewelers will help you each step of the way to bring your inner desires into reality. Our extensive collection of diamonds and other precious stones will give you the freedom to create a piece you will love. Nothing is more meaningful than a designer jewelry. Therefore, come by our unique jewelry store to see our stunning collection.

Knowing how to inventory is what keeps diamond stores around. Furthermore, inventorying your jewelry is an excellent way to keep accurate records should anything happen to your precious pieces. You should photograph the piece as well as have a written professional jewelry appraisal detailing every piece and its cost or value. This handy inventory list will become a valuable tool in case anything should happen. Most insurance companies will expedite a claim much faster when accurate records are submitted to them. Also, if you should want to replace your item, a jeweler can produce the lost item from the photograph much better than if you had to describe it to them.

We as a local retail jewelry store know that chains, especially fine chains, present a problem of tangling when not in use. A simple remedy is to fasten both ends and hang the chains either on a self made hanger, tie rack or a chain tree. This allows you to keep the chains from tangling with each other and also to keeps your individual chains from stretching or bending.

Come and see the stunning collection of jewelry here at your neighborhood jewelry store —Fremeau Jewelers.