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Look no further then Donnys Diamond Gallery for your gold jewelry needs. We have an impressive collection of fine jewelry that includes gold and platinum jewelry. Come by today to see that your jewelry needs are meet.

We care about your purchases as much as you do, so we have arranged this easy guide to help ease your fine  diamond jewelry shopping.

Diamonds are rated by 4 Cs, carat, cut, color and clarity. These are not all equal in the pricing of diamonds, but they will help you be able to compare diamonds while you shop.

The first to consider is the carat of a diamond. The carat is a measurement of weight. It is also one fifth of a gram. Consider that larger carat diamonds are more rare; therefore, they are more valuable.

The next to consider is the cut. The cut is the only aspect that is altered by human hands. It is also what brings out the beauty of the diamond.

Color is the third. Color reveals the body color of the diamond. Most diamonds tend to have a slight yellow tinge to them.

Clarity is the last to consider. Clarity demonstrates the amount of inclusions in a diamond. Inclusions are characteristics that identify the diamond in nature.

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