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Fremeau Jewelers carries a wide array of unique engagement rings. We continue our tradition of successful customer service since the 1840s. By upholding our integrity, we are able to carry a wonderful collection of fine jewelry. Come by today to see our stunning collection of bridal jewelry.

Fremeau Jewelers has an extensive collection of diamond engagement rings. The idea of engagement rings dates back to 1215 when Pope Innocent III declared a period of time waiting from the time of announcement until the betrothal. Believers began to wear engagement rings to indicate the changed status of the partners. This practice of a wedding ring has become popular with little variation throughout the world.

A woman wearing an engagement ring on her finger is a sign of acceptance and willingness to be marred to  a particular person. Usually the engagement ring is given by men to the woman they love. However, the opposite is also gaining popularity in the United States. In some countries such as Finland, and Norway both the man and woman exchange engagement rings. This culture is different from place to place.

In some countries the man’s engagement ring later became their wedding rings. Women however, usually receive a second ring at their wedding. Men wearing both an engagement and wedding ring are in practice in some areas. In Germany a plain gold band is worn on the right hand and during the wedding ceremony the ring is shifted to the left hand. Stop by today to see our exquisite collection of wedding rings.