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Fremeau Jewelers is your gold ring destination. Your search for beautiful jewelry will cease when you peruse our extensive collection of diamonds and other precious stones will give you the freedom to create a piece you will love. Nothing is more meaningful than a designer jewelry. Therefore, come by to view our selection fine diamond jewelry.

When looking for designer jewelry, some people think that diamonds have much value because of rarity. This, however, is completely untrue. There are enough diamonds in the world to fill a coffee cup for every man and woman on this planet. The actual reason they are so expensive is because strict controls are placed on the quantity of gemstones produced for sale worldwide. This marketing strategy is very similar to the world wide marketing of oil: they limit the supply to keep the prices high. The limitations control the price.

Besides the gold ring industry, diamond companys have a lock on all diamonds.Think about diamond companies and the first name people will come to is De Beers. They were founded in South Africa over hundred and thirty years ago. Now, they are the largest producer and seller of diamonds. Almost from the beginning the De Beers company has had a strangle hold on the diamond industry and a huge advertising budget. Diamonds are not as rare as the advertiser would have you to believe. De Beers keeps huge stockpiles of diamonds and tightly controls supply to keep the price of your fine jewelry up.

Stop by today to see our stunning collection of fine diamond jewelry at Fremeau Jewelers.