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In Vermont, there is only one place to find designer jewelry, Fremeau Jewelers. We have proudly served our customers for over the last 100 years. Stop in to find the fine jewelry you have been looking for today! 

The ring costs what?
When searching for fine jewelry rings, price is always a mystery. It seems many times that it is just given a price without any reason. However, here is how a ring is priced. In a non diamond band, the price is a combination of the total weight and the labor/materials that went into the ring. With these diamonds, it usually comes down to the price of gold, so the higher the karat the more expensive the ring is. The price is also determined by the amount of work in the design. If it is a complicated design, then the more crafting will go in, therefore more expensive. A diamond band will use the former method, adding in the price of the diamond. Come in today to see our competitive prices for our gold rings.

 We offer our customers a quality fine diamond jewelry shopping experience. We can implement your own gemstones and diamonds in a new piece of jewelry to modernize an outdated and unworn piece in the back of your jewelry box. We also have an exceptional collection of gemstones and diamonds from our connections with some of the best stone cutters in the world. You can add stones to your existing collection for jewelry with the wow factor. Our goldsmith can work with gold, platinum or even silver to great fine diamond jewelry you will wear with pride. 

See how over a 100 years experience will affect your designer jewelry shopping experience now. We will let you peruse our massive collection of gold and platinum jewelry. We feel your shopping experience will end there, though. We not only are your destination for that perfect gift, but we offer many different services to enrich your Fremeau experience.