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Finding the perfect gold ring can seems like a difficult task, yet we at Chandlee Jewelers will take the stress out. We have a friendly and helpful staff that will assist you in all your jewelry needs. Whether it is an anniversary ring or engagement ring, we have the ring for you. Stop by today to see our stunning collection of designer jewelry today.

If you were thinking that stones as in diamonds only came in one shape in gold jewelry—you are wrong. Most of all the major jewelers offer at least a few different shapes of stones. They will probably offer oval, round, pear, emerald, heart and many more. This is what makes platinum jewelry so unique.

Despite the seemingly similarities between two diamonds in gold rings, these diamonds are not the same. When two different people wear them, they will seem different due to hand size and skin color. No diamond will ever be identical to another; one stone may have flaws that the other does not.

Diamond jewelry will differ from the various cuts of the diamond. This cut should not be mistaken as the shape of a stone. The cut of the diamond only really looks at how good it was cut. How ever well the stone was cut is how well it will be priced. If the stone was cut with quality then it is going to be priced very highly if not then it will priced lower and not as high in value. When you talk about stones shapes you are actually talking about the geometric shape of the stone itself and not the cut.