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Selecting the shape of your diamond is a key element that is overlooked many times. It will help you begin your diamond search. However, do not confuse shape with cut. A diamonds shape is just that: the outward appearance of the stone, whether it is round, oval etc.; while the cut refers to how the diamond itself is fashioned, how many facets and so on. Below I’ll examine the various diamond shapes and tell a little about each of them, in order to help you make that all important choice.

Round Brilliant Diamonds – This is the traditional shape. It is also the most expensive. Three out of four will select this shape diamond. Round Brilliant Diamonds are noted for their fire and brilliance.

Princess Cut Diamonds – These diamonds will appear the smallest of all the shapes. It has most of the carat weight near the bottom, giving it a smaller appearance. This shape is perfect for solitaires.

Heart Shaped Diamonds – A brilliant cut, the heart shaped diamond is a romantic choice that varies from jeweler to jeweler as it’s shape can be greatly influenced by the skill of whimsy of the gem cutter, as well as variable facet configurations. Seek out a perfectly symmetrical stone.

Radiant Diamonds – A square or rectangularly shaped diamond, the Radiant resembles the emerald shape but has 70 facets, making it much more brilliant and dazzling than the Emerald shape.

Knowing is half the battle. You now have a strong idea of what is out there for you to begin your shopping experience. A little help from a professional jeweler, and you will find the perfect diamond for you.

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