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Adeler Jewelers adheres to the conventional view for those searching for unique jewelry. We strive to create the ideal shopping experience. Here we try to meet your needs by being more than just a stop along your handmade jewelry search. We hope to be the destination, your destination. Our knowledgeable staff provides a comfortable shopping environment, giving you the fairest prices for our designer jewelry.

If you can imagine it, we can create it. Adeler Jewelers strives to create jewelry, so wait no longer to schedule your own design appointment. Our master jewelers truly enjoy helping you create a piece. We take great satisfaction in modeling beautiful handmade jewelry from your inspiration. Why not celebrate your important occasions with a piece as unique as your life? Our consultation are always free, and we do not charge a deposit to begin a design. Our goal is to continue working with you in the future, so come in today and experience the satisfaction only Adeler Jewelers can give.

Re-design an Heirloom?
Adeler Jewelers will not only create custom made jewelry from scratch, we can a help you re-design an outdated family heirloom. Don’t worry, you will be able to keep the sentimental value untouched. Our goldsmiths believe in keeping the historical link that heirlooms possess, while giving the piece an updated feel. We can use an original piece and make the desired amount of alterations, giving you the custom design jewelry you deserve.

Gemstone Advice
Bring your collection of colored gemstones today! Assembling colored gemstones is an affordable jewelry collection for anyone. The shape and sizes of the stones are infinite. Expand your accessories with colored gemstones and give yourself a signature of style.

Remember to stay within your favorite colors or tonal families to ease into colored gemstone jewelry. Do you have a dress in bright primary colors? How about multiple pieces in soft pastels? Is the range of color in your closet black or white? Do you prefer warm or cool tones? No matter your answers, you will find the perfect gemstone in your budget. So do not delay, add color to your jewelry box today!

Come today to start the design on your own custom design jewelry. You can also peruse our vast collection of stunning Gemstones (both mounted and loose), exotic Tahitian, South Sea Pearls, Diamond Jewelry, Gold and our exclusive collection of Adeler Watches. Drop by today or call us at 703.759.4076 to schedule a personal consultation.