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Hupp Jewelers will help you with all your diamond needs. It does not matter if you are searching for the perfect diamond earrings or some pave diamond jewelry. You can view loose diamonds, or you can search our diamond ring selection. Come in today to see our stunning collection of mens diamond jewelry.

Knowing if you have a quality diamond will help you understand the value attributed to it. However, Diamonds are difficult to shop for because of the seemingly secrecy that surrounds the pricing of diamonds. Diamond quality is assessed by 4Cs: Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat. These terms are well know and often stated, but few consumers really understand them and truly appreciate the difference they make on the price of the diamond and more importantly how the diamond will look on your finger in the ring of your choice.

At J L Hupp Jewelers, we take the time to explain the differences in terms you understand. When looking at diamonds, remember that the Cut is the most important. The reason for diamonds to be more valuable is the cut, instead of carat size, color or clarity, is that it determines how brilliantly the diamond will shine. A diamonds inclusion can sometimes be covered with prongs. There are ways to set a diamond with brightly polished metal around it to make a diamond seem larger. White metal surrounding the diamond will alter the color. But nothing can hide the Cut, which affect how the light reflects and how intensely the diamond will glisten.

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