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Look no further than Berrys Jewelers for a local professional jeweler. We have an extensive collection of fine jewelry to choose from as well as the experience to create one of a kind custom made jewelry. Drop in to see one of our master jewelers today.

Our jewelers can help simplify the difficult task of creating custom jewelry. We will help you every step of the way. You will begin by bringing in a picture or drawing depicting what you want. From this image, we will make a rendering for you to see what the finished jewelry will look like. After every step, you will be consulted to see if it resembles your dreams. We can even use existing stones and jewelry into your custom order. This is a perfect way to keep heirlooms for generations and to bring those broken pieces out from the bottom of your jewelry box. Set up an appointment with one of our professional

The first step our jewelers stress is to avoid dumping all your jewelry into your jewelry box. Stones will scratch one another or metal. It is an easy fix that will keep your jewelry  looking like new.

Our jewelers here at Berry Jewelers will always inspect your rings, but these easy steps will help in extending the life of your jewelry.