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Brundage Jewelers is the local jeweler destination. We have an experience staff that will assist you in all your jewelry needs. Stop by today to see a professional jeweler you can trust.

A retail jeweler must be trained to use the most alluring sun-colored metal that has always been in jewelry—gold. The Egyptians, largest producers of gold in the ancient world, equated gold with the sun, the giver of life, and reserved its use for pharaohs only. The ancient Etruscans created meticulously hand-wrought objects using fine granules and threads of gold, a technique still practiced today. To this day, Chinese and Indian brides wear jewelry of 24-karat gold on their wedding day to ensure a lifetime of good luck and happiness. A gift of gold jewelry says love and permanence as eloquently today as in all the ages past. Our jeweler can help you with all your gold needs.