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Chandlee Jewelers has everything you desire from your diamond store. Our retail jewelry store has an extensive collection of designer custom jewelry.

We pay special attention to all our jewelry, but the focus we give to diamonds makes us your neighborhood retail jewelers. When one thinks about diamond or even while one sees a diamond commercials on television, one can feel the shine, the sparkle penetrate in one’s eyes, leaving one  mesmerized. The whole world has been working hard to make this stone as a symbol of love and affection. No wonder men spend their life savings on buying a diamond ring for proposing marriage to their beloved instead of using a gold one. Too many magical powers, too many superstitions beliefs have been associated with diamonds. Therefore, come in today to see how our retail jewelry store can help you with your diamond needs.

Your diamond store can help you with a few points on why diamonds have such a high standing in our society. Diamonds are the hardest of all gems and a diamond is chemically composed of carbon. This creates perfect four dimensional shapes of the stone. The women today who wear diamond rings and necklaces to show off their extravagance little know that this rare gemstone has a big hand in industrial development as well. It is used for cutting other metals because it is the hardest of all metals. Diamonds are available while in raw state in different colors. They may be totally colorless or pale yellow and they can even be orange, red, blue, black and green. With a local jeweler, you will learn about diamonds as well as see our stunning collection.