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Chandlee Jewelers is your professional jeweler destination. Come in to see our extensive collection of designer custom jewelry today.

Starting a custom jewelry is a seemingly difficult task. We have jewelers who are willing to help you each step of the way. You will bring in a drawing or picture of what you desire. Our experienced staff will turn that image into a sketched design. We will then make a rendering of that design. You will see the process step by step to ensure your complete satisfaction. We can even incorporate existing jewelry into your new creation. Give family heirlooms and broken jewelry new life. Set up an appointment today.

Our master jewelers care about jewelry especially your jewelry. Therefore, our jewelry  hope to have your jewelry avoids preventable repair jobs. There are a few easy steps to keep your jewelry as beautiful as the day you bought them. One easy way is to avoid dumping all your jewelry into your jewelry box. Gemstones and precious metals have varying hardness and can easily scratch each other. Even the hardest of stones diamonds can chip and fracture. We also understand that certain pieces will never see your jewelry box: wedding and engagement rings.

Stop by today see our stunning collection of designer jewelry that you can create with our master jewelers.