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Satow Goldsmiths
10740 S. Eastern Ave, Suite 110
Henderson, NV 89052

Ph (702) 837 – 8100

Satow Goldsmiths is your master jeweler destination. Our extensive collection of fine jewelry from gold rings to platinum pieces will meet any desires. In addition to our exceptional selection of jewelry, we have master jewelers who have the knowledge and understand for all your jewelry needs.

Our jewelers know that you should avoid letting your expensive jewelry or watch only see a closed dresser or bag.  Let your valuable jewelry or timepiece stay hidden a dresser drawer or at the bottom of your purse. Our on-site jewelry repair shop provides you with fast, convenient, professional jewelry repair services — without the uncertainty of leaving your valuable jewelry with someone who mails it off to undisclosed locations. Bring it to Satow Goldsmiths and give your jewelry brand new look!

Our professional jewelers know first hand the security your jewelry gives you. This is one of the reasons why we offer on-site jewelry repair.  Our in-store repairs are done by our in-house master jeweler.  Not only is your jewelry kept in our secure location, it is also being worked on by the finest of jewelers.  We believe in giving all of our customers great service.  Whether you are buying a ring, or having one repaired, your satisfaction is our goal.