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Mens diamond jewelry is an elusive collection to find because most people consider diamonds to be a women’s adornment. However, we have a massive collection of diamond jewelry include stunning diamond watches and diamond rings that will make everyone want one. Here at Butler Jewelers, we also carry a wonderful collection of diamond earrings as well as pave diamond jewelry. Come in today to see what loose diamonds can become here at Butler Jewelers.

Mens diamond jewelry was all there was a time ago. Royalty wore diamonds and other stunning gemstones; therefore, it was not a surprise that the most powerful men—the king—would want to wear diamonds. In truth, there were even some laws that prohibited commoners from wearing or possessing diamonds at all. This was to keep commoners from stealing these stunning diamonds from royalty. Diamonds have always had restrictions limiting the proliferation to the general public.

Our beautiful collection of pave diamond jewelry is a trying task. This is where our talented staff will help. Our staff will help you find the perfect diamond and explain the way in which diamonds are rated. This rating is determinate on two major aspects—color and cut. The other two factor in as well, carat weight and clarity. However, if the carat weight is similar, the color and cut will then determine the value.

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