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Arnold Jewelers is your local jeweler destination. We have an extensive collection of gold and platinum jewelry for your perusal. Come in today and our experienced staff will help you with all your jewelry store desires.

No jewelry store would be complete without gold. This makes gold one of the most precious metals in the world. It is present in rivers, seas, the earths crust and even trace amounts are in living creatures. The expensive extraction only will result in one ounce of gold from three tons of raw ore. This scarcity will hold the value of gold. Thus, investing in gold jewelry from your trusted retail jewelry store is always a good idea.

Gold Colors
No matter that pure gold is yellow; with the mixing of alloys, gold can be colored white, rose, green, and even two colored. To achieve these colors, metallurgists mix 24K gold with other metals like copper, silver, zinc and nickel.

Rose Gold
Rose gold is also known as pink or red gold. Mixing pure gold with high percentage of copper results in the rose color. It is a subtle color much like green, but it will intensify with age. This is the result of the copper tarnishing over time.

No matter your color, the amount of gold in the jewelry will not change. Instead, it is the amount of alloys that will change to result in the desired color.

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