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Brundage Jewelers is a jewelry store that can fulfill your dreams. Our excellent staff can create a soothing and relaxing shopping experience. Brundage Jewelers excellent selection of jewelry will meet any of your jewelry needs. Come in to see how we are a ring store you can trust.

A local jeweler will carry a vast selection of diamonds. The most popular diamond is the white diamond. These white diamonds are produced by mines all over the world in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. On issue that has arisen with the growing popularity in colored diamonds is the term white. These diamonds are totally colorless, but they are given the name white.

Our jewelry store will show you the grading of our diamonds. All diamonds are rated by international laboratories (GIA and IGI) that will rate the color of the diamond. The scales range from D, completely colorless, to Z, a pale yellowish brown color. When a brown diamond is darker than K, they will have the letter and a phrase to describe such s M Faint Brown color. If a diamond has a depth of color more than Z, it will be considered a fancy diamond.

If you are looking for a traditional diamond at a retail store, then search no further than a white diamonds. Their beauty is unmistakable. There are necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, rings, and even toe rings and belly button rings. Nothing is off limits when displaying the sheer beauty of white diamonds.

Selecting jewelry is not always as simple as visiting a local jewelry store and choosing something that looks pretty under the glass. Diamonds are expensive and knowledge is needed to make a wise purchase that will retain or even increase in value over time. There is a rating classification for diamonds that will allow you to compare diamonds. Come see a jewelry store that you can trust, Brundage Jewelers.