Loose Diamonds Chandlee Jewelers Athens GA

Loose Diamonds Chandlee Jewelers Athens GA

Chandlee Jewelers
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Athens GA 30606

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Stop in today to see our large collection of diamond rings, loose diamonds as well as other precious stones.

We will show you how to traverse beyond the standard 4 Cs rating others tell you will save you money. In reality, diamonds are rated with 13 factors. Therefore, by not knowing about all 13, you are unable to understand if you have best-certified diamond possible.

We have created a tutorial that will teach you what is needed in finding a great diamond. You will understand what is a great price and avoid the common costly mistakes. Loose diamonds and diamond rings are priced in such a complicated way it is nearly impossible to compare two diamonds properly.

Without our tutorial, be careful comparing diamonds. We will assist you so you will go home with the fairest price for your quality diamond. Our expert staff has sold loose diamonds and diamond rings for the last thirty years, so they understand how to uncomplicated a stressful situation. Make sure you are harmed for your diamond hunt, and to do so, you need all the information available. Chandlee Diamonds is the only place that will explain all the rating factors.

At Chandlee Jewelers, our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, professional service of the highest caliber.