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Drop in to see Nick T Arnold Jewelers for all your diamond jewelry needs. Nick T Arnold Jewelers is your diamond destination. We have amassed a wonderful collection, both loose and set, for your convenience.

Shopping for certified diamonds is a stressful experience. Here at Nick T. Arnold Jewelers, our serviceable staff will help ease you through the process. We understand that the biggest hurtle in purchasing diamond jewelry comes from understanding the cut of a diamond.

The cut of a diamond is the only aspect of a diamond report affected by an artisan hand. The cut makes the transition from raw mineral to polished beauty. The cutter must be sure to precisely position each facet, polishing each to perfection. Perfection can be measured in regards to the cut of a diamond.

A diamond can be cut to preserve the best sparkle and beauty or they can be cut to preserve the rough diamond crystal, making the diamond heavier. Depending on the cut alone, the value may change up to a third. Considering that cut is only one of the four main characteristics of diamond rating that is one expensive cut.

Currently, cutters have modern technology to aid them in forging the most enduring symbols of loveā€”the brilliance of a diamond. In antiquity, diamonds would be almost unrecognizable today. Cutters today have the amazing ability to turn a rough stone into something of beauty. The long path from apprentice to master is worth it standing in front of a diamond jewelry showcase.

Our gemologist will assist you in understanding the grade of each diamond. Drop by today to see how our experienced staff can help you with purchase a diamond.

Arnolds Jewelers is the destination for all your diamond jewelry needs.