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When the temperature starts to fall with the leaves, you know it is time to see your professional jeweler about that perfect gift. October has choices for your gift giving. Opal and pink tourmalines are the gemstones for the month. Both stones are incredible, and our retail jeweler can help you pick out the perfect piece. We are Brundage Jewelers; your Louisville location for master jewelers is easy to find.

Both birthstones for October, Opal and Pink Tourmaline, make a beautiful gift and represent the 14th and 18th wedding anniversaries.

As our jewelers know, opals have important place in society as representatives for truthfulness and certainty. Opals are common and have always been ideal gifts.

When you come by to meet with our professional jeweler, you will see all the vividness opals possess. You will also notice how the color arrangement influences the value of the stone. Because of this beautiful color configuration, antiquity thought the stone would improve eyesight, ward the wearer from infections, remove worry and reveal a poison nearby. The stunning opal also implies happiness, straightforwardness, reverence and allure.

Most of the time, read opals will be valued the most due to the reflection of the whole spectrum in the stone. In addition to the color, the design factors into the price. Our professional jewelers will help you find the brilliant flashes of color with extensive patterns.

On the other hand, tourmaline draws new friends and romantic interests. It also is believed to shield the wearer danger, misfortune and poor decisions. The pink tourmaline protects females whereas green tourmaline does so for males.

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