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Brundage jewelers has a large selection of loose diamonds for you to chose. We employ master jewelers, who can turn your dreams into reality. We have a stunning selection of diamond earrings for you to peruse today. Come by to see the difference a professional jeweler that puts you first will make when designing beautiful jewelry with your new diamond earrings.

Yellow diamond rings have come into vogue recently. Many other celebrities jumped on the bandwagon, most notably Dennis Quaid’s main squeeze, Kimberly Buffington, supermodel Heidi Klum, cover girl Varonica Varekova, hockey player Petr Nedved, producer Rodney Jenkins, and singer Joy Enriquez. Celebrities may be adopting yellow diamonds as the newest hot diamond trend due to their extreme rarity.

Loose Yellow diamonds are rarely found in diamond mines. Only estimated 1/10 of 1 percent of diamonds mined have an intense yellow color. It is fortunate for the general public that lab created yellow diamonds are more common, more affordable, and just as beautiful.

Tiffany Diamond The Tiffany Yellow is one of the most famous of the yellow, found diamonds. It is believed that the diamond was found in 1877 or 1878 at the De Beers Mine in South Africa. In the rough, the stone was a beautiful canary-yellow octahedron weighing 287.42 (metric) carats and valued at twelve million in 1983. It is difficult to get an accurate description because no Major Gemological organization has ever formerly examined the diamond.

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