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Looking for the perfect goldsmith is a stressful time, so let Brundage Jewelers end your search today. We employ jewelers, who can turn your dreams into reality. We have a stunning selection of fine diamond jewelry for you to peruse today. Come by to see the difference a master jeweler that puts you first will make.

Retail jewelers throughout the ages have preferred gold to all other metals for its beauty and maleability. Gold can be melted, or shaped, to create any design. It can be alloyed with a number of other metals to increase its strength and produce a variety of colors and can be re-melted and used again to create new designs.

Our professional jewelers can tell you first had about the pricing is based—four factors: karat, weight, design and artisanship. The karat and weight tell you how much gold is in a piece, but other crucial factors determining price are the piece’s construction and design. A price based solely on weight does not reflect the work that has gone into the piece. It’s important to remember that each piece of gold jewelry is unique and, if cared for properly, can last a lifetime.

Come in to see the difference a designer jeweler will make in helping you find the perfect piece today here at our studio:141 Chenoweth Lane,Louisville,KY.