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Whether you are considering a custom designed ring or a unique pendant, the best place to shop is Brundage Jewelers.  We carry a large collection of handmade jewelry that will make the perfect Christmas gift. The reason handmade jewelry makes such a wonderful gift is that it is unique specifically to the person you wish to give it to. Drop by today to find the perfect Christmas gift here at Brundage Jewelers.

Gold jewelry that is hand made has a special touch that mass produced jewelry just does not have, and our handmade jewelry is also different in that you won’t find this type of gold jewelry such as these in other stores. They are personally designed and made by a jewelry designer. You may have to wait for your piece but it is certainly worth it to own unique jewelry that no one else has.

Our diamonds go into handmade jewelry that is designed by jewelry designers and artists, so this special attention will set them apart from other jewelry you may find in other stores. We have personal gratitude towards all of our customers. You will feel a special connection to the item knowing you have had contact with the person who made it. It’s also great to support independent and local artists.

The customer can arrange pre-made diamond engagement rings in the way they desire, and the engagement ring can be just as lovely as something designed from scratch.  You can even have this option of making jewelry using different stones, colors, and materials. You can also customize the jewelry by engraving a name or message into the metal. You can also have special name plates made, or pieces custom made according to a design you created. There are many options for gold jewelry.

Whether it is beautiful jewelry or a diamond engagement ring, we can help you find the perfect Christmas gift. Handmade jewelry makes a special gift because you help create it. No matter what jewelry you decide on, you will rest assured that you have the perfect Christmas gift from Brundage Jewelers, http://www.brundagejewelers.com  141   Chenoweth Lane, Louisville, KY, 40207, Ph 502-895-7717 Click Here

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