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A gemologist is one of many people you do not think about when visiting a jewelry store; however, a gemologist might be the person you need to speak with because the value of your gemstones and diamonds will overall determine the worth of your fine jewelry. Depending on the amount of gemstones and diamonds as well as size and cut, the jeweler will become meticulous in its details. This quality jewelry requires the skillful hand of a professional jeweler to become a work of art. Stop sidestepping the premier jeweler in Athens and come in to have jewelry appraisals from Osbornes Jewelers today.

Jewelry appraisals are a good way to keep inventory on your jewelry collection. A gemologist will be able to tell you what your stones are worth. This evaluation will help you decide whether or not you should continue keeping your gemstones and diamonds in the same jewelry.

If you decide to change the jewelry your gemstones and diamonds adorn, you can meet with our master jeweler, who can help you create a new exciting piece that will house your beautiful gemstones and diamonds. No matter what your jewelry might look like now our premier jeweler will help you craft handmade jewelry that is truly beautiful.

Stop in to see what designer looks you might have available from our master jewelry here at, 622 S Jefferson St. Athens, AL 35611 (256) 232-4333, http://osbornesjewelers.com. Watch this video.

This article first appeared on AP Jewelry Blog.