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Jewelry elegance, like clothing styles, are always changing.  How do you keep up?  You don’t have to, we have done it for you.  Here is three trends that have caught our trend spotters eyes.

Gold is back! Look for rose gold and yellow gold to be on brides fingers as they make their exit down the aisle. Diamonds sparkle as they stand in white relief against a gold backdrop.

Crowns are THE thing on the ring.  This trend is all about the top part of the ring, or the prongs that the center diamond is put into.  Some designers have turned it into an art shape, with crowns similar to tiaras.  The more elaborate, the better.

The Band rocks: or more aptly put, the band has rocks on it. Diamonds are sparkling down the “shank” of the ring.  Also look for interwoven bands, and bands that have more of a sculptural aspect to them.

Is Larger Better? At 22.25 carats, this diamond ring is the grand prize in a contest, but you can’t help but ask yourself if you would want it!  Being a princess cut, there are some features to think about before reaping the benefits.

First, at 22+carats, maybe consider more prongs.  With only four, a failure from one and the diamond is MIA.  It is not being said that these prongs are not appropriate – just a bit more protection may be warranted if you lead an active lifestyle.

Second. is the cut promoting light return – aka sparkle? The princess cut does not lose as much weight from the rough as other styles of cut.  This means the cutter could be tempted to sacrifice beauty for more weight retention.  Wouldn’t you prefer a 20 carat – if that is what it took to maximize its beauty?

Third – the princess cut can sometimes have a very thick girdle, which makes the diamond weigh more than it looks.  Where did the cutter save weight?  The outside dimensions of the diamond should look its size! It takes a professional to advise you on the cut quality of a diamond before you decide what size fits your wallet!  Size matters..

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