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Osbornes Jewelers is your diamond destination. We have a stunning selection of diamond jewelry from diamond rings to the ever rare diamond pendants. If you are looking for the next new thing, than look no further than pave diamond jewelry. Come in today to see our stunning collection of diamond jewelry here at Osbornes Jewelers.

Diamonds are an elusive commodity. There is mysticism that is only reinforced with a diamond’s stunning beauty. The reality is that the diamond market is opening up more so than ever. You can see the choices of diamonds today, and it is much easier to find diamond than in years past. The diamond market, controlled by a few diamond mines, is vast, but only a few stones make it to jewelry stores. This has been the case for a long time, and continues to this day. We can help remove the veil from your diamond search.

Our talented staff is up to date on all the current trends and looks. If the diamond look you desire is beyond what you have searched through, we can help you with custom diamond jewelry. Come in today to see what a difference the perfect diamond jewelry can make for you here at http://osbornesjewelers.com, 622  S Jefferson St, Athens AL 35611, Ph: 256.232.4333.  Watch this video