Platinum Christmas Gifts in Athens GA

Chandlee Jewelers
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Athens GA 30606

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Chandlee Jewelers has been serving this Athens, Georgia community since 1980. We specialize in gold jewelry Christmas gifts, so the decision of diamond quality becomes easy. Our gemology and jeweler training is unmatched, and continues with annual updates on certifications, training courses and new knowledge. Every consumer looking for Diamond Jewelry Christmas gifts is given an in-person Diamond Lesson by our In-House Gemologist, using the most up to date, high technology tools, for you to discover the important factors of how to purchase a diamond and to avoid being taken advantage of by high pressure sales at the chain stores and mass merchants.


Many customers tell us they want the very best gemstone jewelry for their holiday presents. Therefore, customers tell us that other stores simply did not seem to have the knowledge, the time, nor the Gemological tools to make them feel comfortable in making a purchase as important as the handmade jewelry gifts from Chandlee Jewelers. We know the reason for this lack of attention at other stores is lack of training. It is a true statement to say that you cannot share knowledge about diamonds if you do not have knowledge about diamonds yourself. When you have taken a Free Diamond Lesson from the Gemologist at Chandlee Jewelers, you will know more about diamonds than many of the sales clerks at the other stores. Sad, but true.


Typical jewelry stores are staffed by sales clerks who are proficient at reading price tags, and asking “Cash or Credit Card”. You will occasionally run into one which claims to be a “Diamontologist”. This is typically a one week course given by the company upon “promotion” from trainee to Commissioned salesperson, and is heavily oriented on clever sales techniques, not on Gemology.


For expert advice from Professional Jewelers to find your holiday jewelry gifts in Athens visit Chandlee Jewelers 1850 Epps Bridge Pkwy, Suite 213 Athens GA Ph. 706-543-4653 Check this out.



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