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We have a traditional view on buying fine jewelry—being able to hold the item you desire to purchase. With online buying becoming such a staple in today’s society, some things should be viewed. Designer jewelry is one that needs to be seen. Whether you are searching for platinum jewelry or gold rings, we have an array of style and stones for you to peruse. 

Since fine jewelry often serves as our expression of our love. We know designer jewelry has added value. Therefore, an emotional involvement is attached. We treat each gold ring or diamond jewelry as if it is our own personal and precious memory. To that end, we will repair and recondition all types of fine jewelry, no matter the monetary value.

We stay an assortment of master crafters— including the goldsmiths, the stone setters, the hand engraver, the machine engraver, the watchmaker, the bead stringer, Certified Graduate Gemologists, or even trained and experienced sales staff with gemological training in house—to assist any of your needs. We are members of the American Gem Society, an ethical organization that help to educate and uphold strong values in the industry. We hope you will find the perfect diamond jewelry or gold ring in our collection, but if you cannot, we can help you create a custom piece.

Have today be the day you see what sets Morrison Smith above the rest.